Laptop Stickers

Stickers are like tattoos for laptop.

First a big thanks to :

Here is some photos of my Laptops or other computers with Stickers ...

Getac V110 G2 (front)

Getac V110 G2 (back)

Getac V110 G2 (keyboard)

Peli 1070cc case for my iPad Pro (top)

Peli 1070cc case for my iPad Pro (back)

GPD Win 3 Stickers

GPD Win 3 (back)

iPad Pro 2021 12.9” (back)

iPad Pro 2021 12.9” (front)

MacBook Pro 15” 2018 (my work Laptop / macOS)

MacBook Pro 15" 2012 (my Main Laptop / macOS )

iPad Pro 2015 (great terminal with Blink Shell, mosh/ssh and tmux)

GPD Micro PC (few place for stickers but fit my pant pocket / Black Arch Linux and Windows 10 Pro)

MacBook Pro 17" 2011 (back to life after several years of GPU death / Black Arch Linux)

MacBook Pro 17" 2007 (Black Arch Linux)

PowerBook G4 15" 2005 (OpenBSD)

Cyberdeck (Raspberry Pi 8GB, 7" LCD, SmartiPi Touch 2, HHKB Lite 2)

Sony Vaio 16.1” 2002 (Pentium 4 M 1.8GHz 1GB RAM / Debian Buster 32b)

IBM ThinkPad A20m 14” 2000 (Pentium 3 600MHz 256MB / Debian Linux / OpenBSD).

If you like to see more Laptops Lids with stickers, I recommend you to visit :