Laptop Stickers

Stickers are like tattoos for laptop ๐Ÿ˜‡

First a big thanks to :

Here is some photos of my Laptops or other computers with Stickers …

MacBook Pro 15โ€ 2018 (my work Laptop / macOS)
MacBook Pro 15″ 2012 (my Main Laptop / macOS )
iPad Pro 2015 (great terminal with Blink Shell, mosh/ssh and tmux)
GPD Micro PC (few place for stickers but fit my pant pocket / Black Arch Linux and Windows 10 Pro)
MacBook Pro 17″ 2011 (back to life after several years of GPU death / Black Arch Linux)
MacBook Pro 17″ 2007 (Black Arch Linux)
Cyberdeck (Raspberry Pi 8GB, 7″ LCD, SmartiPi Touch 2, HHKB Lite 2)
Sony Vaio 16.1โ€ 2002 (Pentium 4 M 1.8GHz 1GB RAM / Debian Buster 32b)
IBM ThinkPad A20m 14โ€ 2000 (Pentium 3 600MHz 256MB / OpenBSD) : need some care ๐Ÿ˜‡

If you like to see more Laptops Lids with stickers, I recommend you to visit :