GPD Micro PC

I really like this small palm-sized laptop. The specs are great for the size : 1280×720 6″ (not touch) Screen, quad core Intel processor, Intel GPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB M2 SSD Drive. Moreover it have all the ports you can dream for IT/SysAdmin usage : Ethernet, HDMI, USB C, 3xUSB A, and even the good old RS232 serial port ? You also have a microSD slot, Bluetooth and WiFi. The Keyboard is small, but fit great for typing with your thumbs, and have backlight, you also have a pad with 3 buttons. It come with Windows 10 Pro installed, but it’s compatible enough to run Linux (they have an ubuntu ready to install). The case can take some abuse : it’s made of anti-shock aviation level ABS synthetic resin.

Of course I done more than adding some stickers on it. I dismounted it to replace the M2 SSD with a bigger one (512GB), and Installed BlackArch Linux + Windows 10 in dual boot. Installing Linux needed some customization to have the screen oriented in the right side and all the devices working fine … but at the end all is working great. I found lot of useful informations on this site.

running BlackArch Linux, with my favorite window manager : ratpoison
great for hardware hacking …
GPD Micro PC and Pwnagotchi are best friends ?

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