Technological and computer enthusiasms from the first ages of microcomputers. I’ve been hacking and building stuff since I was a kid, growing up with new technology and science fiction. For me, Cyberpunk is now.

I work in the video game industry, I started as a 3D game developer in the 90s and I’m now more on the dark side of IT & SysAdmin.

Like in HP Lovecraft’s short novel “The Outsider”, I spent a lot of time in my tower studying, working, coding… then one day I opened the door to explore outside, and I realized I was a freak.

I take my camera with me to Rock/Metal/Gothic/Indus/Electro gigs and night parties, in really dark places with weird lights. Shooting in low light without a flash has become second nature to me. But the photography also made it possible to meet new IRL friends, essentially other freaks.

Of course, I also continue to make friends online, it’s nice to chat with people from all over the world who share some of my interests.


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