Technology and IT enthusiasms from the early ages of microcomputers. I’m hacking and building stuff since i’m a child, growing with new technologies and science fiction. For me Cyberpunk is now.

I’m working in the Video Game Industry, started as 3D Game Developer in the 90’s and I’m now more in the dark side of SysAdmin.

Like in the short HP Lovecraft‘s novel “The Outsider“, I spent long time in my tower studying, working, coding … then one day I opened the door to explore outside, and realised that I was a freak ?

I took my camera with me at Rock / Metal / Gothic / Indus / Electro concerts and night life parties, in some really dark place with strange lights. Shooting in low light without flash became a second nature for me. But Photography also helped to meet new friends IRL, essentially other freaks.

Of course i continue to make friends online too, nice to chat with people from everywhere from this world that share some of my interests.


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